Top PC Games

The invention of the PC has changed modern life forever, with children and adults alike hooked on playing all types of PC games. The easy accessibility and use of computers means games are for everyone, and the sheer variety of games available to buy means everyone’s tastes are catered for.

Here are the top ten PC games that most PC sold the most copies since they came out...

#1 The Sims

The Sims by EA Games originally sold 16 million copies, creating a worldwide phenomenon. The opportunity to create your own house, family and even neighbourhood, controlling the lives of these Sims down to minute details, has made the game immensely popular.

#2 The Sims 2

Sims 2, with its expansion packs, Pets and Seasons, was a hugely successful follow-up to the original Sims. Development of the graphics meant that it was now in 3D, and the designers also included the option to go into the town and go shopping and meet other Sims.

#3 World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is an online, interactive, role-playing game. By buying a subscription to the game you can enter the game. Gamers get the opportunity to take on a character avatar and undertake challanges and quests.

#4 Starcraft

Starcraft is a real-time strategy game for those players who are deep thinkers. The use of three distinctly different races, the Protoss, the Terrans and the Zerg. The game is a series of missions for each race.

#5 Half-Life

Half-Life and its expansion, Half-Life: Opposing Force have sold almost ten million copies since their introduction into the market. The game is a shooter game where players have to fight their way out of a research facility where the experiments have gone badly wrong.

#6 Half-Life 2

This sequel to Half-Life was equally as popular. The story follows on from Half-Life, where the mishaps of the original have played out upon the human population. Players must fight in these unwelcome circumstances to survive.

#7 Guild Wars

Another popular online role-playing game, Guild Wars has a variety of options for the keen gamer. Based in a fantasy world, one can play cooperatively in the role playing moder, or against other internet users in player versus player mode.

#8 Myst

Myst is for gamers who love adventure, with the player having to role play as they travel around the island of Myst. Travelling different worlds and ‘ages’ using clues can lead the player to a variety of endings.

#9 Doom

Doom is accredited with popularising the first person shooter genre of PC Games, as well as being incredibly controversial. The detailed violence made all the more striking by the graphics, as well as potentially blasphemous imagery, angered many.

#10 Counter-Strike

Counter-Strike is one of the top action game about counter-terrorists working against a group of terrorists, which originated from the game Half-Life. The game is another first person shooter, where the player can choose a character and have to play rounds whereby the opposition is eliminated or a mission completed.

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